Art is alive and well in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Art

Hey, I’m Hannah, the assistant manager here, and I wanted to write a blog all about the Arts community in Bournemouth!

I realise art is a very broad term, but there’s a very broad range of it all throughout our town! From small open mic nights, all the way to touring productions of huge musicals. From art exhibitions done by uni students, to the Giant Christmas tree walk through in the gardens this Christmas past. Whatever you fancy art-wise, Bournemouth is absolutely brimming with it. It’s odd because when you think of Bournemouth your mind doesn’t necessarily spring to Art… but our Stable is directly opposite Westover Gallery, which shows off some incredible works, including a painting of a giant pot of Marmite, which I am currently staring at whilst writing this…

Bournemouth hosts an annual Arts by the Sea Festival! This year’s theme is #mindmatters (which I think is an amazing concept to have as an inspiration). It will take place from the 27th-29th of September this year and I’m already looking forward to it.

The artiness extends to loads of our Stablehands too. So, let me list our staff’s involvement with the arts (with links to their sites, where possible) to give you the big picture here (bare in mind this doesn’t include the ghosts of Bournemouth Stable’s past):

  • Ciera: studying fashion photography

Bournemouth Art2

  • Ellen: studying documentary Photography

Bournemouth Art1

  • Ollie: studying Graphic design  
  • Josh: incredible pointillism artist (have a look at his insta – @joshwatson1991) 
  • Allen: avid DJ (I’m adamant this is an art form) 


  • and me, Hannah: I have a degree in performing arts (now you’re thinking “did I do this whole blog idea just to get that last bit in there?”… no. yes. maybe?)