The buzz of the holidays is well and truly over and for some, Monday the 20th of January can be the lowest day of the year.

To combat Blue Monday - and the blues year round, in fact - together with Dorset Mind, the mental health charity, we’re launching our Keep Being You (#kby) initiative.

1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime. But we’ve ALL got mental health, good or bad, and sometimes all it takes to make a positive difference to someone’s day is a high five, a smile, a wink or just being thought about…
We’ve been looking for a way to take the good things we do and turn it into something for all, that will make a real impact on people’s everyday lives.
So, along with our charity partners, Dorset Mind, we’ve created what we hope will bring a smile to your face.

It’s a box of little goodies and pick-me-ups to remind you that YOU matter. We’ve chosen the items specially and we’ll be giving them out to the deserving folk in our communities starting on Monday the 20th of January.


The boxes aim to remind you of three very important things:

KEEP DOING what you’re doing! In case no-one has told you how amazing you are today, we thought we would!
BEING YOU means being brave, real, determined and staying true to your beliefs - these are all traits that make you YOU!
YOU MATTER and you’ll find some carefully chosen gifts in your box to show you that you’re appreciated.

The gifts in the box have been designed around the elements of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. We hope they will bring joy and encourage people to pass the love on! Here’s a few ways to do so…

Connect – Why not share your cuppa and biscuits with a friend? Be there for them. Talk AND listen to them, enjoy a real conversation.
Be Active – Find something active that you enjoy doing and make time for it regularly. It can help improve your wellbeing too. Some suggestions are: yoga, swimming, running, walking and paddleboarding.
Take Notice – We hope you’ve enjoyed unwrapping your giftbox. We’ve designed it to make the unwrapping as enjoyable as what is inside. Did you notice how many layers there are?
Keep Learning – Learning something new each day will give you a sense of achievement and heightened confidence. Why not think of ideas of what you would put in your box and email us at!
Give – Do something nice for a friend or stranger – why not pass on some of your inspirational cards!

We’ve all been excited about starting with #kby. David, our operations director, has chimed up saying, “I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about people being genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness of others who they may not even know to show that there are great people around.”


Need help getting active this January? It's never to late to Kickstart 2020 with us.

Come and join Dorset Mind’s RED January team. We can get active together for better mental health.

Whether you walk, run, swim, cycle or choose your favourite fitness activity, set your own goals and enjoy support from the RED community every step, splash and pedal of the way! It’s totally free to take part.

Join the Dorset RED January community here!