Using our Hearts and MIND


Proudly partnered for over two years, The Stable and MIND, the mental health charity, are making a difference in our community. We’ve paired with our local branch to ensure that the impact to projects and campaigns is felt by our immediate neighbours.

MIND aims to raise awareness and provide advice and support for those suffering with mental health issues. Their tireless efforts go towards phone lines, providing help to those with mental health problems, fighting against the taboo surrounding the issue and even providing professional Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace. Their website provides many resources for suffers and family members alike, to help educate and ease the stress of mental health issues big and small. The subject of mental health has increased in public awareness over recent years, and MIND has been there to
support those people affected.

At The Stable, we recognise the huge importance of MIND’s work and we have fundraising initiatives in place to help provide backing. Our community is like our family, so taking care of you is important to us. MIND helps make our community healthier and happier, so we are delighted to be able to help in whatever way we can. Look out for events and drives through the year to be part of the difference we’re making.

With your help, we raised over £10,000 for MIND last year – this year we plan on taking part in even more campaigns, fundraising events and donation drives. Already we’ve participated in RED January and supported Get Your Shirt Together – it’s all good fun and all for a great cause.