Star Ingredients – Vegan Mozzarella

We make all our food fresh, so we know our ingredients inside and out. We choose them all specially – each one plays a different role in our menu to make our dishes as delicious as they possibly can be. No laziness around here!

We’re chuffed with our vegan menu – it’s chocked full of flavour and completely free from anything animal-based. Starting from scratch, it took quite a lot of tasting and testing to get everything just right and we had to research the best possible alternatives. In that search we found Bute Island Foods. They produce an award-winning vegan cheese range called Sheese. It’s dairy-free, animal-free, non-GMO, Kosher, free from hydrogenated fats and palm oil (hooray!) and is made with coconut oil – perfect for plant-based diets and those with an intolerance to lactose. It’s a healthy alternative to the standard grated Italian mozzarella.

The vegan Sheese they produce is made on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, hence the company name, Bute Island!

In the development of our vegan menu, we tasted lots and lots of different of vegan cheeses, and Sheese came out way on top! It is the quintessential vegan pizza cheese of choice for many people who love its mild creamy taste and attractive white colour.

We use Bute Island vegan mozzarella for ALL of our vegan pizzas and Bute Island is very proud of this! They mention us on their website (twice!) for choosing their product on our pizzas! Gold star for us [smug face].